domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

Niki Minaj se coje a uno de sus vailarines despues de la presentacion de su exitoso video musical anaconda

It's quite likely that Nicki Minaj is about to launch a #FreetheBooty campaign. Minaj turned her usual amount of heads on Thursday when she posted the cover art for Minaj's single "Anaconda" and then turned even more heads due to the very, very, very not safe for work butt shot that said cover art displays. The Internet basically exhausted its collection of ass cracks (Get it? Jokes about butts? Okay, bye...) and speculated about how exactly this vaguely pornographic shot was supposed to fit in with the newer, simpler, more demure Nicki Minaj that she has been since the start of 2014. However, Minaj had a few choice words to send out to all of her haters — or, should I say, a few choice pictures. Thursday night, Minaj responded to the "Anaconda" backlash on Instagram with a series of photographs that call attention to the hypocritical nature of the controversy.

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